Separation Anxiety

Dealing with Separation Anxiety- Do Pugs Bark When Left Alone?

Every pug suffers from separation anxiety. Here, it becomes distressed when left at home alone. Many owners confuse this attitude to be good or bad behaviour for the pug. However, experts say that the emotional ability of the pug to stay alone at home in isolation differs from dog to dog. And this what a pug parent should understand before questioning why do pugs bark a lot?

Owners need to go out of the house for work and other chores. They cannot carry their pug to every place. It is here they should help their pug to cope with being at home alone. This will help the pug emotionally and physically. If the pug is exposed to stress, it will suffer from mental and physical health issues.

What are the key signs of separation anxiety in pugs?

Pugs react differently when left alone at home. However, the most common signs are whining or yelping until they are completely exhausted and worn out. Often owners find it very hard to know what the pug is going through. Most new owners ask themselves the question do pugs bark when left alone?

Experts in the field say they do. In fact, the barking and the whining starts when the keys are picked up, or the owner is getting ready to leave the house. There are instances when the owner tries to put the pug in his or her place, and there is resistance. Often the barking continues till the owner walks in the door. Destructive behaviour is evident in the form of chewing. Some pugs might even start to panic and bang into objects as they spin around so much.

How should you cope with this separation anxiety?

No matter what the size of your pug may be, you should never leave your pug inside a crate. This breed is very claustrophobic. Keeping your dog in a crate will cause a lot of stress to your pug. No matter how big your crate is, your pug will bark and whine.

Get a playpen for your pug

You can help your pug cope with isolation by getting it a playpen of the appropriate size. If you leave your pug alone in a big house, the more destructive it will become. Seclude an area where it will be able to play in peace when you are not around; you can include toys and treats in this playpen as well.

Try to keep the playpen of your pug near a window. Most pugs get to see the outside world when they are near a window. However, the reverse might happen- some pugs might bark intensely to outsiders to ask them to rescue them from the isolation. This is why you should check with your pug first and see how it reacts with the window experiment.

Last but not the least, keep toys near your pug that easily distract him or her. There are several chew toys available for pugs that help it to release stress and anxiety. Keep these small tips in mind when you are keeping your pug at home alone.